Successful Online Learning: 10 tips from ALUSB MBA students

The ALUSB MBA is a blended, part-time programme. This means that the MBA is part in person (in Kigali, Rwanda) and part online, where students engage in interactive, online learning while remaining at work in their home countries. This part-time MBA learning structure requires students to dedicate approximately 20 hours per week to their studies during their online periods. And as the world was forced to move online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our students became full-blown online learning experts! Although learning from home has become more common, distance learning is still a unique concept for most MBA students.

As we prepare for our second online ALUSB MBA intensive, we reached out to some of our ALUSB MBAs to put together a list of tips to make the most out of your online learning experience.


1) “Good ergonomics. You can’t concentrate if you are uncomfortable. Everything is intense and enthralling, but remember it’s a class and take notes!” – Elizabeth Tchwenko-Fabu ’21, Commercial Manager, COTCO, Cameroon.

2) “Put yourself in exactly the same conditions as if the lessons were taking place in Kigali. Be punctual. Dress formal. Make sure you’re in a quiet office. Take it seriously.” – Serge Nzali ’21, Environmental & Social Expert, Cameroon.

3) “Get a proper table and chair. Carve out time to exercise. Plan your meals in advance. Be intentional with the time that you put in.” – Rosebell Abwonji ’21, Operations Officer, Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association, Kenya.

4) “Provide a sign to be posted on the door indicating: ‘Webinar in progress. Please do not enter.’” – Sarah Mambu ’21, Technical Advisor, GIZ, DRC.

5)Have water and snacks on hand. Participate in at least one social activity.” – Ziyanda Ntshona ’20, Partner, Webber Wentzel, South Africa.

6)Get enough rest every day so that you avoid fatigue and being distracted.” – Simon Kioko ’20, Launchpad Lead, ALX, Kenya.

7) “Be, or be willing to become, tech-savvy and self-disciplined.” – Enoch Aaron Rwagasana ’20, Techpreneur and Founder, Livenode Inc, Kigali.

8)Always have a cup of coffee with you, it comes in handy.” – Cedric Munyura ’21, Operations manager, MICOF Ltd, Kigali.

9) “It’s all about self-discipline and commitment!” – Ruddolph Hoffman ’21, Country Operations Manager, Green Resources, Uganda.

10) “A good night sleep!” – Judith Minzi ’21, CEO, K-finance Limited, Tanzania.


Want to become part of this innovative MBA programme? Start your application today at:! The ALUSB MBA final application round closes on Monday, 3 August 2020, for applicants wishing to start their MBA on 25 October 2020. The MBA is scheduled to start with a one-week residential in Kigali, Rwanda. If the COVID-19 crisis disrupts these plans, then we will start the MBA online. 

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