Amine Alaoui Soulimani is a Mechanical Engineer from Morocco. He is the service manager of ThyssenKrupp, a German multinational, in Rabat, Morocco. Amine belongs to the founding class of the ALUSB MBA programme.

“Every company that is expanding in Africa or willing to expand, really requires a great pan-African network of individuals adept at navigating the continent’s challenges. Rising leaders, working professionals and transnational organisations can benefit from this network and from people who have this kind of network.”

Returning to Morocco after his undergraduate studies in Finland, Amine was driven by his passion to contribute to the optimisation of the immense potential in Morocco and Africa at large. Very inspiring (from the video below) are the preambles – “Africa is rising” and “Morocco is expanding” – to his perspectives on his country and continent. His outlook is made evident in the budding diversification of Moroccan companies across Africa, as well as the overall promising trends in Africa’s business, technological and educational climate.

Having graduated from ALUSB this past July, Amine has grown markedly in his understanding of virtuous leadership and his cognisance of the technicalities of doing business in Africa. Amine states that the opportunity for personal career advancement and corporate expansion for Moroccans aligns with the specifications of the ALUSB MBA programme to holistically equip students with V^3 (Value, Virtue, and Vision) leadership skills and sound knowledge of Africa’s present and prospective business landscape. 

“This MBA will allow you to know where and how to do business in Africa, things to avoid, how to face challenges and most importantly, who steers and mans the development of various sectors and industries across the continent,” says Amine.

Watch the video below to learn more about ALUSB’s pan-African MBA programme through the eyes of Amine Alaoui Soulimani, Class of 2018.