ALUSB Road Show Concludes in Johannesburg!

Last night’s final MBA Road Show tour date in Johannesburg was a highly attended event, where the city’s most ambitious and visionary business leaders gathered to hear about the world’s first and only pan-African MBA programme.


Guests at the ALUSB MBA for a Night in Johannesburg register for the event.

Starting in Rwanda this September, the ALUSB MBA programme is slated to provide students with tailored education for the African context. No longer will case studies from Silicon Valley or Wall Street be applied to Africa; students of ALUSB’s MBA programme will be able to read about and learn from case studies carefully curated from real business lessons on the continent of Africa, delivered by an ‘all-star’ roster of African business titans, including Donald Kaberuka, former President of the African Development Bank.


During the event, Vice Dean of ALUSB, Catherine Duggan, gave guests a taste of the innovative ALUSB MBA programme. Traversing global macroeconomic issues, business concepts including ‘strategic empathy’ and ‘red-teaming’, as well as the development examples of China and the US, Duggan provided substantial fodder for thought, and ample reason to apply to the ALUSB MBA programme.




The ALUSB MBA for a Night team.

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Jozi MBA for a Night cocktail.

For more on the ALU School of Business and the world’s first and only pan-African MBA programme, or to apply, visit

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